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The Men of Dorans Stern
The Men of Doran’s Stern
Down in the bar
We sing our song afar
Of the men of Doran’s Stern
The men who won’t return
They say that life is sacred
But they kill at every turn
The Lovers and the Fighters
The men of Doran’s Stern
They fight for their homes
Fighting for their wives
The men of Doran’s Stern
They throw away their lives
Up on Blue-tip hill
They stood in their ranks
The men of Doran’s Stern
To them we give our thanks
The brave are the fools
Who die for the word
The men of Doran’s Stern
Their screams were never heard
So in the drink we go
To drown away our woe
For the men of Doran’s Stern
The men who won’t return
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 3
Lost Mentality
Light vivid and blinding,
Revealing the shadowy corners,
Of this empty land
A hand stretched out,
The strong fingers grip tightly
Upon your mind as it pulls you in.
Lips are dancing and weaving,
The words drift eternally
In the clear oblivion.
With eyes closed shut,
You can see the world
The beauty and serenity
In this lost mentality.
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 2
This was my life
A small white house with a dinted fence
The wooden door left slightly a jar
The air stagnant and still, lacking energy to move
With a calm silence present in everything.
The papers full of meaningless text piled in the corner
The chair tipped over, leaving a dent in the wooden floor
Food lies uneaten, untouched as it goes rotten
With the tap dripping, wasting life's water
The light fades from the passing hours
And moon will not rise to show the room
In the motionless silence of night
This was my life.
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 1 4
Immortal Pain
Immortal Pain
I have taken one bullet too many
Lost a river of blood
And yet I live on
I've been run through by a blade
Destroyed in the fray
And I still live for more
My days are long
The pain goes on
And I can't seem to die
And I will never die
From when I saw your eyes
Lit up by the bright full moon
And when the wolf cried your name
Cried your name to the midnight sky
This is why I can't seem to die
I lost you there
In the cold and bare
In the frozen wastes of my mind
You're just a memory
A fantasy
And at times I wish it were true
My love you bore
You took it and more
And left only pain in its stead
And I will never die
From when I saw your eyes
Lit up by the bright full moon
And when the wolf cried your name
Cried your name to the midnight sky
This is why I can't seem to die
I've tried many times
To end what's mine
And stop the endless pain
I miss those times
Of you and I
We never were apart
But now you're gone
And I live on
With only my pain to hold
And I will never die
From when
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 2
You are beautiful
You are beautiful; yet you commonly deny it
You are desirable; yet you reject that idea
You have the potential; yet you are blind to see it
You have my heart; yet you fail to know it
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 1
To you my affection
As the morning shine lights up your face
The angels above begin to sing
The cold of night can't touch your skin
For the warmth your smile brings
Your stride full of elegance and grace
Would bring a prince to his knees
Your voice so pure and majestic
Would sway the most humble priest
A picture couldn't capture your person
As you're to free to be trapped so
Your eyes like the oceans so deep
Capture my soul as I gaze so long
You're the image of perfection
The rarest of gems
Unsurpassed beauty
And I give you my affection
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 2
Always Yours
I cried out as her body stuck the ground
My own voice called back to me
Echoing back through the dark streets
My own mind falling for the deceits
Her beautiful face cold against the gravel
The spark of life missing from her gorgeous eyes
My hands quivered as I looked at her
The scene before me was nothing but a blur
As I reached out for her stricken hands
The sounds of war returned
And as the explosions ruptured my ears
My emotions burst and I fell into tears
I lay there in the middle of the road
My hands over my eyes as I deny what I saw
The call of the guns sounded like laughter
And my mouth followed after
The beating of the drums was closer
Matching the rhythm of my heart
As I crawled up into a ball
I fell under their thrall
The guns sounded by my ears
And my heart came to a stop
I laid there by my beloved
My hand held in hers
And as I died I uttered,
'I am always yours'
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 0
Mature content
Death Reunion :iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 1 2
Looking into his eyes; the deep shadows
capturing my mind. Seeing into his dreams;
the images rendering me blind.
That crooked smile, that unshaven jaw,
I'd burn them out, removing every flaw.
And still I'd hate him for the man he's worth.
He is dead to me, buried deep in the earth.
That man that looks out at me
Grinning as he swallows his own glee
And I snarl at him, as I look upon my reflection.
Hating myself, for my imperfections.
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 2 4
Lost love
I met you ages before
I loved you years ago
A perfect fusion
The ideal décor
You drifted away
Many days ago
Hidden alone
Our love astray
You came to me
A few hours ago
You told me the end
Wouldn't hear my plea
Love ended ages before
The end known years ago
A perfect illusion
The ideal emotional war
You left my side
Many days ago
By myself
I knew I had tried
My life was broken
A few hours ago
Laid down in my coffin
My love unspoken
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 6
Mature content
7 Deadly sins :iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 6
Over come
My life was so bright
So joyous and fun
Surrounded by friends
Full of delight
But all things will end
All moment move on
The bright blue sky
Becomes the blackened night
My life is so dark
So empty and gone
Surrounded by dust
My friends withdrawn
As one thing ends
Another begins
The night passes by
A new day begins
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 1 6
Blazing heart
Blazing heart
I see you there
Circled by friends
Closed off to me
By your company
Watching you move
Lost in your feelings
Catching the scent from you
Loving the things you do
Now I've seen you here
Looking down my way
Always smiling
Never gonna change
My heart set ablaze
Your face lost
In my eyes
Nowhere for you to hide
Watching from afar
Watching down the yard
Hearing the things you say
Nothing in your way
I watch your every move
Not knowing what to do
Begging for your love
Watch you rise above
Light surrounds you vividly
Encasing you endlessly
Looking at the sky
Bright is your day
Sun shinning down on you
Nothing gonna change
My heart set ablaze
Your face lost
In my eyes
Nowhere for you to hide
Watching from afar
Watching down the yard
You move away from me
Leaving me all alone
Gone into the world
Nothing worth me to see
Longing for your face
Fading from my eyes
Lost in the track of time
Never will be mine
Left me in the dark
Stars shine for you alone
No light for me to see
No more g
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 4
Seen in the day
Missed in the night
A face full of splendour
A face full of might
Hair so smooth
Hair so long
Coloured deep black
Never looks wrong
A voice so pleasant
A voice that soothes
A voice of longing
Calling me to
A name so sweet
A name that rings
A name of the heavens
A name with wings
Her face haunts my dreams
And pulls at my eyes
I look at her day to end
My heart to lend
I have fallen in love
With the girl I see
Her eyes meet mine
And I fall to my knee
I raise my hand
And hold hers tight
I tell her my love
Of her giving light
She smiles at me
My heart is host
She pulls me up
And holds me close
Embraced in love
My worries go
My heart is lifted
My life is gifted
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 2
I live in your shadow
I walk in your steps
You're ahead in all
You fill in the gaps
You best me in games
You best me in words
Everybody loves you
Like the singing of birds
I am left out of the games
I am removed from the words
I walk unnoticed
With their eyes averted
I follow you
I envy you
I love you
I hate you
My soul is tarnished
I live but to serve
I make you look grander
It makes me look inferior
Your life is better
Mine is no matter
I envy your being
I hate your banter
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 1 6
Our way
Our way
People feel the love
People hate the situation
People desire the skills
People throw out the ideas
People follow the signs
People believe the words
People condemn the right
People free the wrong
People fear the dark
People cheer the light
People fight the foes
People help the friends
People choose their way
People follow their paths
People become their hates
People befall their fates
:iconpiercing-dreams:Piercing-Dreams 0 4


Myself Drawing Me by SlimyYetSatisfying Myself Drawing Me :iconslimyyetsatisfying:SlimyYetSatisfying 4,974 719 Hello by Balak01 Hello :iconbalak01:Balak01 728 85 The Paladin by evil-kimura The Paladin :iconevil-kimura:evil-kimura 8 3 Midnight Kiss Final by FaeryCat Midnight Kiss Final :iconfaerycat:FaeryCat 174 29 Desktop - 3-07-06 - DNAngel by rinoahsan Desktop - 3-07-06 - DNAngel :iconrinoahsan:rinoahsan 7 22
Fiend for the Friend...
Fiend for the Friend, Fire for the Redhead
Chapter 1: Angel of Death and Bloodred Tidings
the fire in her eyes matched the red of her hair,
she gazed through his soul in the coldest fashion,
with illusions of kindness and beauty,
she wrapped her white wings around him,
like the angel of death, indifferently, she ended his life.
Chapter 2: Hosting the Insincere
love died in the arms of a fallen angel,
he bled torrents in such graceful stride,
all wept, though none knew his true colors,
his passing was a social event,
dampened spirits in a dismal atmosphere,
yet the numbers present seemed greater than his death,
to all but one...
Chapter 3: Misplaced Adoration
dark veil over big brown eyes,
and rosie blushing cheeks,
brought smiles to this funeral,
mournful eyes turn adoring in her presence.
Chapter 4: Where Beauty Lies
she dropped the first genuine tear,
beautifully reflecting lights like sparkling,
as it crashed to the bloodred carpet,
:iconbloodvayne:bloodvayne 1 2
Sorry Mum and Dad
Sorry isn't good enough
There is just no way
That I can regain your trust
Not even one day
I didn't think
I only used my heart
I didn't think about the consequences
Before I fell apart
I could say I'm young and stupid
Yet, that isn't true
I know what is right and wrong
Yet, I disobeyed you
I pray that I can regain your trust
You mean the world to me
Guys will come and go
Yet, my family will never flee
Life goes on
And I pray so will we
That we can go back to how it was
But we will have to wait and see
See if I deserve your forgiveness
If I deserve your trust
I have stabbed every one
Now i pray the knife doesn't rust
I have lost all of you
To some extent
I am so sorry
I will forever repent
Yes, it wasn't safe
And yes, I didn't use my head
I went against my morals
And left myself for dead
I will prove I have changed
A little more each day
Until I regain your trust
I will continue to pray
"Lord, look after my family
Keep them safe and strong
Let them see I am sorry
Let them see I was the
:iconlitti:LiTTi 6 74
Forgetting about you
Is like forgetting how to breathe
It doesn't come easy and it doesn't come clean
I knew you didn't love me back
But I didn't want to hear it
From you
Forgetting about your words
Is like forgetting how to talk
I wish I could take back my mistake
Maybe if I never said it
It could go back to the way it once was
When we were happy
Forgetting about your smile
Is like forgetting how to laugh
Even if I don't get to see it again
Maybe if you forget about me
It will be easier
For you
:iconcandycut:candycut 3 9
maske 2 by kukimoto maske 2 :iconkukimoto:kukimoto 6 6 The Cloud Song by spookydoom The Cloud Song :iconspookydoom:spookydoom 23,671 5,693
Have I Ever Told You...
Have I Ever Told You...
have i ever told you,
that i love it when you smile,
have i ever told you,
that i love it when you look at me,
and have i ever told you,
that i love it when you defile,
or have i ever told you,
that i love you when i bleed,
and have i ever told you,
that your malice is a cold slap,
that i smile for,
because that requires contact,
you could drag my face in the mud,
and you could spit in my face,
and i'd buy you a gift to repay you,
for getting in your way,
and you could cut my throat,
and flick the blood in my eyes,
and as i struggle for air,
with my last breath, i'd apologize,
have i ever told you,
that i have never been strong,
have i ever told you,
here dies our love ever longed.
:iconbloodvayne:bloodvayne 2 6
beauty's secret by FaeryCat beauty's secret :iconfaerycat:FaeryCat 1 9 my heart to yours by FaeryCat my heart to yours :iconfaerycat:FaeryCat 3 18



Current Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Power Metal
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen
Shell of choice: ?????
Wallpaper of choice: Anime, constantly changing
Skin of choice: ........
Favourite cartoon character: Greed
Personal Quote: Enjoy Yourself
It was my birthday on Saturday the 25th. I am now 18, an adult, legally allowed to drink, gamble, vote. Now I also have all the responsibilities that go with them >.>

I had a party, me and 10 friends in my garage, playing cards, drinking, listening to music and now and then, singing along. It was very fun, and I didn't get drunk, but then, my drinks were only 5% alcohol and I only had around 8 of them.

As presents I was given a new mobile-phone (my first one! ^.^) from my sister, Bourbon from her boyfriend, Paranoia Agent (Anime) from a group of my friends and close to $300 from other family and friends. Great day it was ^.^
  • Listening to: Iced Earth
  • Reading: Discworld
  • Watching: Anime in general
  • Playing: NWN
  • Eating: Birthday cake ^_^
  • Drinking: Coffee


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